Sunday, May 17, 2015

New ebooks about Bees now available on Memorial Elementary School's Follett Shelf!

Checkout the new ebooks about Bees now available through Memorial School's Library Catalog.

Students are learning how to login to Memorial School's Follett Shelf ebook collection.

Click here to the login page to Follett Shelf website or download the free Brytewave iPad App. Students need to type in their unique individual username and password.

Here are few icons to help navigate around Follett Shelf:

Click on the link below for an additional reference guide how you can use Follett Shelf .

Quick Reference Guides

BryteWave™ K-12 Edition

If you forgot your username and password, please contact Mrs. Magliozzi, Mrs. Weldon or your classroom teacher.

The above books along with the Honeymakers by Gail Gibbons are available for use in school and also to be checked out of the Memorial School Library for a limited amount of time.

Click here for information on the Blizzard Bags- Learning Projects for School Day Cancellations